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Lost And Found | Katie Herzig

I don’t believe the words you said
But I can’t find the words I want


have i mentioned before how much i want to start embroidery?!

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there may also have been some talk about dean’s tummy and how maybe he is a bit self-conscious about the way his age is softening his body and he has rolls where he once had flat muscle 

but he also notices how castiel can’t keep his hands off his love handles when dean rides him and how cas’ fingers slide into the sweat-lined creases where dean’s hip meets his torso and how dean winds up with dozens of little purplish-red bruises sucked into his tummy and thighs because cas just spends that much time down there worshipping the pale, freckly fluff of dean’s body.

and he totally works that and uses it to his advantage to get cas going. totally makes every effort to expose his tummy when he’s reaching for something in the kitchen. stretching out on the couch and groaning obscenely to show off his cute belly button. patting and rubbing his belly and sighing happily after eating one of his delicious homemade burgers and downing a smoothie that cas made with his new blender. smirking each time at the way cas’ gaze is drawn to him like a magnet, and the way his eyes go wide and dark and dean can feel his desire saturating the air. 


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